- C -
Can I tell you a secret? I'm a virgin.
Don't worry! I'll get you through this tutorial.
- D -
Did you ever send dick pics to other girls?
I'm not sure if they were all girls. I love sending dick pics to random numbers.
Did you pay attention when I told you my age?
Do you like adult games?
Oh yeah, of course! It's always fun.
Do you like girls my height?
Definitely! I love tall girls!
Do you like having anal sex?
Hmmm… I'm excited already, my little sexy geek.
Do you like my boobs?
I love them. I'm hypnotized!
Do you like my hair?
I really like it a lot! You're so stylish!
Do you like my outfit?
You look great. It totally fits your personality.
Do you remember how I style my pubic hair? I bet you do.
In the shape of your gamer tag.
Do you remember what I told you about anal sex?
Do you think I'm too young for you?
Of course not! You're just the right age.
Do you think you're a good kisser?
Well, I think you should try it and find out.
Do you want to hit the mall for a bit?
That'd be cool, but I'd rather play a co-op game with you!
- H -
Have you ever fallen in love?
I might, if you go out with me!
Have you ever hooked up with a coworker?
If I worked with you, I definitely would.
Have you ever thought of having sex in public?
I've done it in a few places, I think it's really exciting.
Here's another little secret: I shave my pubic hair in the shape of my clan logo.
I can already picture the scene in my mind, and it's making me excited!
Hey, did you miss me?
Of course, my cute little nerd.
Hey, do you remember my favorite color?
Of course, it's your hair color! Green!
How about we play something? If I win, we can finger me together to celebrate. What do you think?
I'd love to play with you. You're so good, I just know you'll win.
How much do I weigh?
113 lbs.
How tall am I?
You're 5'9" - just the right height for me!
- I -
I bet this is obvious: what's my favorite thing in the world?
Hm… Let me guess… Is it… Gaming?
I enjoy gaming. How about you?
I do, too! I play games all day long.
I know you love looking, so this should be a fun question: how big are my boobs?
You have beautiful A cup breasts.
I know you loved hearing about this, so tell me: how often do I pleasure myself?
Every time you win an online match.
I told you about my favorite lovers, right? Do you remember?
Yeah, you love having cybersex with strangers. I like it too!
- T -
Today's the launch of a hot new game. Maybe if you come to the store I'll give you a special gift. What do you say?
I'll definitely be there! I'd never miss a delicious gift like this.
- W -
Want to know another little secret of mine? I love to masturbate when I win a game.
Wow… I imagine you win quite often.
What color lingerie would make you the most excited?
It would definitely be delicious to see you wearing green!
What do I do for a living?
You work at the game store in the mall!
What do you like to wear to bed?
What's important is the company, and preferably naked.
What do you think about cybersex?
It's very exciting, especially with someone like you!
What do you think of our date so far?
I think you're very interesting.
What part of my body do you like the most?
You're amazing all over.
What's my best feature?
You're a brilliant player, naturally.