- A -
Are you currently dating any other girls?
Actually, I am getting to know some other girls. I'm looking for someone special.
Are you excited about going on a date with me?
Wow! Of course!
Are you good at math?
I'd say so, though I would love some private lessons from you.
Are you into toys?
Hm... They make everything hotter!
- D -
Do you know my favorite color?
It's definitely yellow, like your hair!
Do you like piercings?
I love them! Especially bellybutton rings.
Do you remember my favorite hobby?
You love photography, and you're so good at it!
Do you think professional success is important?
Yes, it's pivotal for good quality of life.
Do you think there's such a thing as soulmates?
Of course! There will always be someone special for each of us.
Do you think you can satisfy my desires?
I'd love to work really hard to do that.
Do you want to learn some new things?
Absolutely! I'm a great student!
Does the thought of having sex in public excite you?
A lot! I bet with you it would be even better.
- H -
Have you ever dated one of your teachers?
To tell you the truth, no, I haven't, but I've thought about it...
Have you ever had a wet dream about me?
Of course! And I hope they come true!
Here's a sexy question... How do I style my pubic hair?
You keep it completely and deliciously shaved.
- I -
I hope you get this one right! How much do I weigh?
You're just perfect at 106 lbs!
I live on my own. Is that something you find interesting?
Yes, it makes us independent.
I love taking photos in my spare time! Do you?
Taking pictures is amazing. Photography is an art!
I think it'd be interesting to give you some homework now, if you know what I mean!
Hm... I definitely need to take some private lessons from you.
I want to tell you a secret: my pubic hair is fully shaved!
Hm! I love imagining that!
I want to tell you a secret: I bleached my ass once.
Hm! I love imagining that!
- L -
Let's get more intimate! I love masturbating. What about you?
Hmm, that's so hot! I do too!
Let's heat things up. Do you remember what I told you about masturbation?
How could I forget? You masturbate once a day.
Let's see if you were paying attention! When was I born?
I always pay attention to you, baby. You were born in May.
- S -
Summer's my favorite time of year! Do you like it?
Certainly! Everyone feels happier and more cheerful!
- T -
There's one specific season that makes me very happy. Do you know what it is?
Of course! Summer makes you very excited!
This one's a little harder! Do you know my height?
Of course! You're the perfect height: 5'8"!
This one's easy! How old am I?
It sure is! You are a delicious 36-year old babe!
- W -
What about toys? Do you remember what I told you?
You like using toys in bed sometimes... that's so hot!
What color lingerie do you think would look best on me?
Yellow, like the sun.
What did you think of my outfit?
Very sexy. It suits you!
What do I do for a living?
You're a teacher - one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen.
What do you know about my favorite lovers?
Oh, I'm well aware that you prefer successful older men.
What do you think about my lips?
They look delicious! I love your succulent lips.
What do you think about strong, independent women?
I find them extremely exciting.
What part of a woman's personality makes you most excited?
Her strength!
What part of my body do you like the most?
You're amazing everywhere!
Where would you like to kiss me first?
Anywhere that makes you really excited!