- A -
Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Early bird. I like to get up early and seize the day.
- B -
Boobs or butt, which is better?
Butt, absolutely. I love to sink my dick into a tight ass!
- C -
Can you handle the heat?
Oh, totally. I just take off my clothes and savor it.
Can you tell how much I weigh?
You weigh around 130 lb, right?
Can you tell how tall I am?
You told me, you're 5'9'' !
- D -
Do you consider yourself perverted?
Yeah, just enough to have a fun sexual imagination.
Do you ever have fantasies involving me?
Constantly. I'm always dreaming of fucking that hot ass!
Do you ever have sexy dreams about me?
All the time. Usually involving you in a Swedish flag bikini...
Do you know my favorite color?
Your favorite color is... Blue! Like the sky and ocean.
Do you like the sand?
Definitely! I love building sand castles and running on the beach!
Do you like to play with toys in the bedroom?
Sometimes, yeah! I like to add a few dildos to pleasure my woman.
Do you prefer the winter or the summer?
Summer for me. I love the heat and the sun!
Do you remember what I do for a living?
Yeah, you work in an office or something like that, right?
- G -
Guess my age! I told you, didn't I?
You're 21, right? Legal to drink now, let's celebrate!
- H -
How do I feel about anal? Did I tell you?
Aren't you a big fan of anal? Unlike your sister.
How do you feel about dating someone that makes more money than you?
It doesn't really impact my opinion at all, to be honest.
How do you feel about giving me anal?
I need it. It's the only sex act that I've got to have every single time!
How would you like me to dress for you?
The way you're dressed now is perfect, honestly. You're mega hot.
Have you ever traveled overseas?
No, but I'd love to. There's a lot of places I would love to go!
- I -
If you could do anything you wanted to me, what would you do?
Get lubed up and slide, nice and slow, into that ass. Really savor it.
I've told you about my hobby, right?
You're a swimmer, especially in the ocean!
- W -
What are my feeling about masturbation?
You enjoy it, especially when you're doing it with someone.
What breast size do you enjoy the most?
Perky C-cups, the size that looks great on a slender girl.
What do you think is my best feature?
Your butt! I just want to cram my dick in it!
What sort of lingerie do you want to see me in?
Something white, maybe lace, with a bit of fluff.
What was your first impression of me?
I saw you as a blonde beauty, gorgeous and fun!
What would be the best way for me to reward you... sexually?
Bend over and let me fuck your hot ass!
What's my favorite sex toy?
You've got a liking for double-ended dildos!
What's your favorite kind of date?
The kind that helps me learn all of my partner's kinky secrets.
What's your favorite Olympic sport?
Swimming, especially the short distance kind. It's great fun to watch!
What's your favorite position in bed?
I like it when a girl lays back and puts her legs up on my shoulders.
What's your idea of adventure?
Getting on a board and trying to ride the biggest wave I can find!
What's your idea of romance?
Going on an adventure with my girl... with plenty of sexy fun along the way!
Whipped cream or hot fudge? You know where!
Whipped cream. I'll make my own cream pie right between your legs!
- Y -
You better remember my birthday...
I wouldn't forget it. It's in July!
You know my favorite season, yes?
You like the summer, the heat and the sun!
You know my sexual past, yes?
You've had a few partners, but nothing serious yet.