- A -
Are you a giver or a receiver?
A giver. I like to give oral, anal, all sorts of pleasure.
Are you afraid of robots taking over the world?
Nah. Even if they do, if they look as sexy as you, I won't mind!
Are you submissive or dominant?
Dominant. I love the feeling of control.
- B -
Boobs? Butts? Which do you prefer?
Boobs, especially when they're that perfect handful size.
- D -
Do you like girls with high libidos?
Absolutely! Wait, do robots have libidos?
Do you like to bring toys when you play? And by play, I mean have sex!
All the time, I've got quite the 'treasure chest' back home.
Do you remember how many partners I've had so far?
None! I'm your first!
Do you remember my favorite season?
You like the cool days of winter so your parts don't have to work so hard.
Do you remember the status of compliments to me?
You like compliments about your... body? Chassis?
Do you remember my height statistics?
You're around 5'6" right? Is that average for a robot?
- H -
Have you ever had a sexy dream about me?
I feel like I'm in one right now! This is a dream come true!
Have you ever had sex with more than one girl at a time?
A few times, yeah. Say, can your brain control two robot bodies at once?
How do you fell about anal... with me?
Are you kidding? You'd be the perfect partner to do it with!
- I -
I have a particular opinion on sex toys...
You've got a whole closet full of them!
I told you my favorite color, do you remember?
It's the same color as your hair, pink!
I told you my hobby...?
You like to process porn like nobody's business!
If you could do anything to me right now, what would it be?
Show you exactly how much pleasure you van milk out of that body of yours.
I'll reward you if you remember my weight statistics!
Oh yeah? I remember you weight 100lb.
- M -
My, um... "birthday" is when?
You were "born" in January!
My breasts are... how big, do you remember?
How could I forget? They're C-cups!
- W -
What do you think is my best feature?
Your whole body. It's a masterpiece. Whoever designed you is a genius!
What is your opinion on virgins?
I like them! I enjoy teaching them and figuring out what turns them on!
What kind of girls are you attracted to?
I like curious girls that I can teach all sorts of new things to.
What sort of outfit would you like to see me in?
Something tight and pink, something that'll show off that great body!
What was your first impression of me?
I was surprised by how demure you could be, actually.
What's my opinion on anal?
It's all part of the sexual experience! You like it!
What's my stance on masturbation?
You do it a lot, using all sorts of methods!
What's the sexiest thing about me?
Everything! I'm turned on by the fact that a sexy robot girl exists!
What's the wildest sexual thing you've done?
I've done so much by now that it's hard to figure that out!
What's your favorite flavor?
Well, let me lick you and find out!
What's your favorite game to play?
I like to play "Sex Dice." It's a game with different acts and positions on dice!
What's your favorite kind of date?
Really, as long as I get to try something new... food or sex position, I'm up for it!
What's your favorite piece of technology?
Do you have to even ask? It's you, of course!
What's your favorite position for sex?
I don't have a favorite, really. I like trying new things!
What's your favorite season?
Winter. I like getting cozy and warm, and helping my partner stay warm too.
Would you buy yourself a sex robot?
You bet! As soon as they're available, I'll have my dick in one!
Would you consider yourself an adventurous guy?
Absolutely! I love trying new things, especially with a partner.