- C -
Can I tell you a secret? I'm a virgin.
Don't worry! We could do other things instead.
Come on. You know me! What part of my body do I love most?
Your long, beautiful hair.
- D -
Did you ever fall in love?
I might, if you go out with me.
Do you like my natural skin color?
It looks so good. Your body would go well with the color of my sheets.
Do you like talking dirty in bed?
I could call you a lot of dirty names if you're into that.
Do you like watching the sunset?
I think it's beautiful. And I couldn't think of a better person to do that with, other than you.
Do you prefer making love or fucking?
Fucking is more passionate than love making, right?
Do you remember how old I am?
Do you remember if I use toys when I'm alone?
- E -
Every girl treats her pubic hair differently. Do you remember what I do with mine?
Yeah, you love your hairy bush, hidden in your pink pussy.
- G -
Green is such a nice color, but it's not my favorite. Do you remember what is?
- H -
Have I seen you before?
Unfortunately not. I would never forget a sexy body like yours.
Have you heard about fisting? What's that?
Fisting is too messy. A sweet girl like you should not know about it yet.
How often do you masturbate?
Maybe twice a month. I don't feel like doing it more.
- I -
I just had the longest day. How was yours?
Uneventful. Nothing ever happens!
I love the way you dress. How would you describe your style?
My style is making girls think I look hot.
I may be a virgin, but I know what I want.
Well, I can be strong and gentle. I can touch you tenderly.
I need a guy who can also be my friend.
I'll be your father, your fuckboy and your friend.
I told you my favorite season! Do you remember?
I told you when I was born! Do you remember?
I'm thinking about getting a job. What do you think will be best for me?
With that sexy body you won't have to work a day.
I've told you how tall I am! Do you remember?
5' 8"
I've asked you so much! Now you can ask me something.
What's your favorite color?
If I chose to lose my virginity to you, what would you think about that?
I think we are so compatible. We could finally do the things I've dreamed of doing with you.
- M -
My outfit is so uncomfortable. Maybe I should change it.
I have a boner just from looking at that ass.
- S -
Some girls masturbate often and some very often. Remember in which group I belong?
You pleasure yourself once a month. But I have no clue what you do the whole rest of the time.
Stop starring at my boobs. Do you even remember my cup size?
- W -
Want to go for a quick swim with me?
Great idea! I will, however, let you know that I only swim naked.
What are you looking for in a woman?
I'm looking for a girl who would call me "daddy".
What is your biggest fear?
That I would never get to have children.
What kind of fantasies do you have?
To make you beg for my boner.
What would you do if I told you that I'm single?
I would definitely ask you to marry me.
What would your dream-girl look like?
Feminine, sexy and always down for doing something naughty.
What would your perfect date be like?
A movie and enjoying each others bodies.
What's my favorite hobby?
Where do you like to spend your time?
In my bed, watching TV and chilling with a cute girl like you.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see us together. But no worries, just good old one on one fun every day.
- Y -
You know I trust you! I've told you a secret regarding my backdoor! Did you keep it a secret?
Yes, I've told nobody that your ass is still unfucked.