- A -
Are you scared of the ocean?
Not particularly. It's impressive, and I respect it a lot, though.
- B -
Boobs? Butts? Which do you prefer?
Boobs, of course! I particularly like yours.
- C -
Can you remember what I told you about mermaids and anal?
Not only can you do it, you enjoy it!
Can you tell me how long I am?
I don't have a tape measure, but you said 5'11" right?
- D -
Do people wear bikinis and things all the time, or just at the beach and pool?
No, no, there's a whole range of fashion that humans wear for all sorts of different situations.
Do you know what my favorite season is?
You like the warmth of the summer.
Do you like girls with high libidos?
Absolutely! My favorite thing is to match them, orgasm for orgasm!
Do you like to bring toys when you play? And by play, I mean have sex!
All the time. Toys add a whole new dimension to sex.
Do you remember how big my boobs are?
You told me they were C-cups!
Do you remember how I feel about masturbation?
You're a fan. Sometimes you can't help yourself.
Do you remember my favorite color? Hehehe!
Hah! You like all of them!
Do you think mermaids and humans can fall in love?
Why not? It's a big world out there, anything can happen!
- E -
Ever had sex in a pool or underwater?
Not yet, but I sure am looking forward to it! Should I bring some scuba gear?
- H -
Have you ever had a sexy dream about me?
All the time. It's hard to keep you out of my mind!
Have you ever traveled into the ocean before, like on a boat or scuba diving?
Yeah, a few times. I enjoy boat trips out on the open water.
Hehehe, do you remember my age?
You were around... a hundred and fifty-two, right?
Hey, you remember what my job is right?
How could I forget? You're a princess!
How do you feel about anal... with me?
I'd certainly like to try it. I'm always up for new experiences!
How do you feel about extra-species girls like mermaids and fairies?
I'm a big fan. They all bring something really fun to the table, and to the bedroom.
- I -
I told my birthday, right?
It's sometime around... May?
I told you about how I feel about sex toys, right?
You've got a whole collection of your own, and want more!
If you could, would you become a merman to have fun with me?
Yeah, at least for a while! I think that'd be a lot of fun!
- R -
Remember what I said about my... experiences?
You love to have lots of fun, with lots of people.
- S -
So what's your opinion on mermaids?
I'm big fan, especially after Andriella has helped me out!
- W -
What do you like to do at beach?
Swim, relax, everything people tend to do, you know? Meeting cute mermaids is also fun.
What do you think is my best feature?
Your tail is gorgeous. Your fins look so delicate and beautiful, like a gown!
What kind of girls are you attracted to?
I like bubbly, cheerful girls that have plenty of energy.
What sort of man would you consider yourself?
The sort that likes to meet new girls and give them the time of their lives.
What sort of outfit would you like to see me in?
I've always wanted to see you in a coconut bikini...
What was your first impression of me?
I was impressed with how cute and cheerful you were.
What's it like being a human?
Every day is different. I can do just about whatever I want as long as I don't cause trouble. There's a ton to do in this town, too!
What's your favorite aquatic animal?
I love fish! They're so varied and colorful!
What's your favorite game to play?
Whatever the newest game on the shelf is. I love trying new games!
What's your favorite kind of date?
A Sweet date with lots of laughs and lots of fun.
What's your favorite position for sex?
It's hard to choose. I like to be adventurous!
- Y -
You remember what my hobby is, right? Right?
Yeah, you like to take care of the sea animals that you find.
You're not put off by me being related to Andriella... are you?
Why would I? I think it's awesome that I get to meet two hot sisters.