- A -
Are you a tits man or an ass man?
You're so perfect, it would be impossible to choose just one.
- D -
Do massages turn you on?
Of course! And I imagine you must have really magical hands.
Do you ever feel a desire to have sex in public?
I've done this before, and let me tell you, it is fantastic!
Do you prefer to be on top or on the bottom?
We'll definitely have lots of moments where you'll be on top, on the bottom, in front and behind me. It's going to be really hot.
Do you prefer to give or receive oral sex?
Both types are delicious!
Do you remember how I style my pubes?
I do remember. You're fully waxed. In fact, can I take another look?
Do you remember our conversation about toys? And do you remember what I told you?
Of course! You're very curious, but you haven't tried one out yet.
Do you think it's important to have lifeguards working at the beach?
Absolutely! When they're there, people can swim with confidence.
Do you think tanned bodies are more attractive than pale-looking people who never catch any sun?
Wow, no doubt about it. It's much more exciting to look at a hot tanned body like yours.
- H -
Have you ever had cybersex with someone?
I have! I think every type of experience is welcome.
Here's a quick test for you: Do you remember how old I am?
Well, you look like you're 20, but I know your real age is 28.
Hey, do you remember my favorite way to masturbate?
Sure, I remember! You like to do it on the weekends!
Hey, do you remember what I told you about anal sex?
I remember! You're curious and you want to try it, but you haven't yet.
Hey, do you remember what you should say to me if you want to give me a compliment?
I would definitely compliment your amazingly fit body.
Hey, I was wondering, do you like to work out?
Of course, it's always good to keep my body in shape. We feel better, plus it's so much fun to work out hard at the gym.
How long can you go without having sex?
I admit, it's hard to go without, but there are other forms of pleasure.
- I -
I have a friend who loves sex toys. I haven't tried one yet - what do you think of that?
Very interesting! Why don't we test a few together?
I really want to try anal sex someday. What do you think of that?
I think I could give you some private lessons…
I'm afraid I can't dedicate enough time to have a lover. Do you think that's a problem?
You just haven't met a guy who respects your work and your hobbies and can show you some of life's other pleasures.
I'm sure you won't have trouble remembering what I do for a living, right?
Of course not, you're a lifeguard. Heh, that was easy! Not that I'd ever forget!
I've been working hard to whip my body into shape. Do you think I've been doing a good job?
Of course, hot stuff! You're stunning! Congratulations on your excellent work!
- L -
Let's see how smart you are. Can you guess my favorite time of year?
Of course it's the summer! How could it be anything else?
Let's see if you were paying attention. What do I like to do for fun when I'm not working?
You love working out, improving your body, and getting tanned.
- T -
There's nothing more relaxing than a nice dip at the beach. Does being by the ocean relax you too?
Oh, yeah, without a doubt! Being by the ocean makes your thoughts flow more smoothly!
- W -
Well, please indulge my curiosity, too! Do you remember how big my boobs are?
How could I forget such a sight? Your breasts are C cups.
Well, since you were so forward as to ask me how much I weigh, I want to see if you remember. Well? How much do I weigh?
Of course I remember. You weigh 139lb.
Well, you already know how tall I am, right?
Of course! You're very tall, you're 5'10''.
What do you think of having sex while watching a porn movie?
It's awesome! It gives us lots of exciting ideas.
What do you think of strong women who take care of themselves?
I think they're very sexy. I admire them a lot!
What give you the most pleasure?
Feeling the girl cum with me.
What would you do if you spotted a couple having sex at the beach?
If it was at night or somewhere secluded, I might just watch them for a while. I'm getting horny just thinking about it!
What would you like me to do right now?
Walk along the beach and check out the stars with me.
What's your favorite color for lingerie?
Something tells me you'd look perfect wearing red!
What's your favorite position?
I like to give pleasure and feel the mood.
What's your secret to making a woman excited?
Come closer and I'll whisper it in your ear.
Would you like it if I sent you nudes and sexy photos?
I'd love it! Especially with this stunning body of yours!
Would you say that, between four walls, anything goes?
Yes! Anything, as long as both people feel good.