- B -
Boobs or butt, which is better?
Butts, for the men of culture.
- C -
Can you handle spicy food?
Not only can I handle it, I love it!
- D -
Do you consider yourself generous?
Of course. Sometimes to a fault.
Do you like to be the "man" in the relationship?
Absolutely. There's nothing I like more than taking good care of my woman's needs.
Do you like to dance?
I love to dance! Every weekend, you'll catch me on the dance floor.
Do you like women in jewelry?
Of course, especially the kind of jewelry that I buy her!
Do you make a lot of money?
Totally, I'm rolling in it. I hardly know how to spend it all!
- E -
Ever had a wet dream about me?
All the time. I wake up hard as a rock thinking of you.
- H -
How do you feel about a girl that can kick your ass?
I'm all for it! Don't hold back, gimme your best shot.
How do you feel about dating a Latina?
I'm thrilled to learn more about your culture and life!
How do you like a woman to keep her pussy?
Waxed. I like a nice, clean pussy to bury my cock and face in.
How do you like to treat your woman?
With fancy dinners and expensive gifts!
How far are you willing to go for me?
I'm at your beck and call. You just tell me what you desire and you'll have it!
How many languages do you speak?
Just one, the language of love!
Have you had many partners in the past?
Only a few. You're the only woman in my life now.
- S -
So, when's my birthday?
You were born in September. Don't worry, I won't forget.
- W -
What kind of girls are you attracted to?
Women that know how to bring some heat and spice to a relationship.
What sort of outfit do you want to see me in?
Anything that shows off that grand ass of yours.
What was your first impression of me?
Heat. You're hot in every way. A hot body and a hot tongue!
What's my best feature, in your opinion?
Your ass, without question. It should be a national treasure.
What's my cup size, huh? You remember?
Yeah, you're a thicc D-cup!
What's your favorite kind of date?
The kind where I get to treat a woman and show her the time of her life!
What's your favorite kind of lingerie
Red, tight, and silky. Something that shimmers a little and flashes the ass.
What's your favorite kind of music?
I love all sorts of music, especially from other countries!
What's your favorite position in bed?
Whatever position leaves my woman most comfortable.
What's your favorite sex act to receive?
Any of them, I'm not picky. I just like sex!
What's your idea of romance?
Taking care of a woman's needs, whatever they may be!
- Y -
You know about my romantic past, hm?
Yeah, you've had plenty of partners… but you're focused on me!
You know how I feel about sex toys, right?
You're not a fan. You prefer the real thing.
You know how tall I am?
You're a short girl at 5'1"
You know my favorite feature, yeah?
It's your juicy, bubbly ass! It's your best feature!
You know my number one hobby?
You're big into Salsa dancing!
You know my "occupation"?
You're a girl that… likes to be taken care of.
You remember how I keep my pussy, right?
You're clean and waxed, just the way I like it!
You remember how old I am, right?
Yeah, you're 24! As Goldilocks said, "Just right!"
You remember my favorite color, right?
Of course! You like a dramatic red!