- A -
Are you open to trying something new in bed?
Always. If it's with you, it's even better.
- D -
Do you like a girl with curves?
I like big tits and an even bigger ass.
Do you like ass play ?
Are you kidding me? If your ass is involved, I would fuck it all night long!
Do you like hanging out at beach bars?
Yeah, but it's too hot during the summer.
Do you like watching the sunset?
Sunrise, sunset, anything involving drinks!
Do you live alone?
Yeah, I can't stand roommates. I'm all alone and I do whatever I want, whenever I want.
Do you prefer making love or having sex?
Love is for losers. I like fucking young, sexy girls who are sexually open.
Do you remember how old I am?
Do you remember if I use toys when I'm alone?
Almost always
Do you remember my favorite color?
- H -
Have you ever done it with two girls at the same time?
No, but it's one of my biggest fantasies.
Hey! I'm unsure if I should restyle my pubic hair. What do you think?
Of course not! I love your trimmed triangle.
How often do you masturbate?
Not often enough!
- I -
I do yoga for recreation. Do you think I should continue doing it?
Oh, yes, please! You're probably pretty flexible, right?
I like having good toys to play with, if you catch my drift!
Me too. They make sex more interesting and uninhibited.
I get a lot of compliments! Do you know what compliment I like the most?
That's easy, it's your ass! That lovely back door.
I like a man who takes charge. What do you do to be a real man?
I'll spank your ass and talk dirty to you!
I like having good toys to play with, if you catch my drift!
Me too. They make sex more interesting and uninhibited.
I love the way you dress. What's your style?
I'm a man! I only wear clothes when I'm not having sex.
I told you my favorite season! Do you remember?
I've told you the month of my birthday! Do you remember?
I've told you my weight! Do you remember?
Is it just me, or does my shirt feel like it's shrinking?
Rip off your clothes, I'd love to see your tits and ass bouncing freely.
- M -
My job is so stressful. What should I do to unwind?
Sex is the best therapy for me. Let me show you how to have a good time.
- T -
Tell me, my hobby is?
You're into reading!
- W -
Want to join me for a quick dip?
Sure! Maybe some beach volleyball, too.
What about some dirty talk in bed? Have you done it before?
Oh, yes! I love it! I could call you all kinds of kinky things.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like going to the gym. A healthy body is very important to me.
What do you like doing in your spare time?
I like to sneak up to your window and watch you get undressed.
What kind of fantasies do you have?
To make you beg for my boner.
What type of girl do you like?
Just like you. Energetic, sexy as hell, and ready for anything.
What would you do if I told you I'm single?
I would slap your ass and pinch your nipples.
What would your perfect date be like?
A nice restaurant, a fine meal, and lots of sex as dessert.
What's the biggest compliment you've ever received?
A girl complimented my sex technique. I enjoyed that compliment very much.
What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?
One year, I think. I remember it wasn't all that fun.
- Y -
Yesterday a guy asked me if these two bad boys were DDs. Are they?
Come on. Really? How can he not see that this is a full natural E! The best size for tit fucking!
You've already asked me if I like anal. Do you remember my answer?
Yes, you love a big cock in your ass.
You wanted to know if I masturbate. I hope you remember my answer, or at least wrote it in your diary!
Baby, I don't have to write down that you masturbate at least twice a day. I know that for sure.