- D -
Do I know you from somewhere? I remember a cute face when I see one.
Yeah, we met last week at the tanning salon. I complimented your ass.
Do you have a car? I could go for a ride.
I do, hop in. You could take a few selfies in it, just for me to see.
Do you have a girlfriend? I would love to make her jealous.
I'd leave my girlfriend in a second if I could feel your naked body in exchange!
Do you have a job?
Yes, I work as an actor for the adult industry.
Do you like hanging out at beach bars?
I'm on my way to a bar right now. How about we go together?
Do you like my clothing style?
Yeah, you remind me of a well-known actress.
Do you like tanning? I love being tanned.
Your tan goes well with your perky boobs.
Do you mind taking my photo?
Sure, I'll do it. But first, could you kiss me for good luck?
Do you prefer making love or fucking?
Love is for losers. I like fucking young, sexy girls who are sexually open.
Do you remember how old I am?
Does my ass look big in this skirt?
Not big, but keen. Which is the perfect shape.
Does my ponytail make me look younger?
It does, but I would still throw you in my bed tonight.
- H -
Hey cutie, are you here alone?
Well, now that you ask... Actually, no I'm not. I'm imagining that I'm here with your sexy, curvy ass.
Hey there! Is that a new watch? I love gold.
Thanks for noticing, yeah, it's brand new. Just got in some fresh money. Maybe we should talk over some drinks tonight?
Hey there! Mind if I walk next to you to the beach?
Sure, come with me. I'd like to be seen with you in public.
Hey, what's up? Do you like the beach? I'm such a big fan of it!
Yeah, I love it. Almost as much as I like your big fat titties bouncing up and down in my face.
How come I always see you outside my working place?
I'm hypnotized by your looks. I want to please you so bad!
- I -
I think working out is so rewarding.
When you have an ass shaped like that, it is.
I told you my favorite season! Do you remember?
I was wondering when you'd be hitting on me, 'cause I think you're kind of sexy.
Well bitch, the universe has shined a light upon your big ass. I'm single and ready to mingle.
I'm sure you remember my Cup Size?
I've told you how tall I am! Do you remember?
5' 7"
I've told you my weight! Do you remember?
If you could choose one, what would your superpower be?
The power of pleasing you, until you can't take it no more.
Is that a flashlight in your pants, or are you happy to see me?
Seeing your big titties made me cum already.
It's obvious that I love a big dick in my naughty pussy. But do you remember how often I'm doing it to myself?
Once a day.
- L -
Look at me! Adore me!
You look great, but your butt is a masterpiece!
- M -
My job is so stressful. What should I do to unwind?
Sex is the best therapy for me. Let me show you how to have a good time.
- S -
So, what was my hobby?
Some girls like it in the ass, some not. Do you remember to which group I belong?
From time to time you enjoy a big dick in your ass!
- T -
Too bad I don't have a sugar daddy yet. So I have to work myself, to get some money. Do you remember what I do for a living?
Yeah, you work at that beach boutique as a salesgirl.
- W -
Wait a minute, cowboy! Where are you going in such a rush?
My girlfriend is waiting for me! Just kidding, I'm all alone with this huge boner. Maybe you could give me a hand with that?
What are you looking for in a woman?
Clear blue sky in her eyes, big titties, and passionate about sex.
What do you like doing in your spare time?
I'd like to spend it in the company of a sexy girl like you.
What is your biggest fear?
That I would never get to know what your pussy tastes like.