- A -
Am I the type of princess you were expecting?
You've managed to be a better princess than I ever dreamed about!
- B -
Being a princess is hard work and involves so many obligations! Did you ever imagine it would be so difficult?
Well, I actually never imagined that it would be like having a job. But you seem great at what you do!
- D -
Do you also try to have a good sense of style?
Yes, of course! I think it's really positive to have one!
Do you like playing with toys during sex?
Yes, of course! They add that little extra touch of excitement during sex.
Do you remember how old I am?
You're 20!
Do you remember how tall I am?
Yes, you're 5'9"
Do you remember my primary occupation?
You're a princess, right? Like an actual member of the royal family?
Do you think I'm an innocent princess?
Definitely not. You're the perfect balance between sweet and naughty.
Do you think my style complements my body?
Definitely! It makes you look so hot!
- H -
Have you ever flet jealous when you saw me talking to another guy?
Honestly, yeah, of course. But it just made me want to be with you more.
Have you ever had an erotic dream about me?
Oh yeah, many! You're so hot, I dream about you every night!
Hey, do you remember what I like to play with in bed?
Yeah, I can't stop thinking about playing with massage oils with you!
- I -
I know how to do things with my hips that I'm sure you've never seen before. Want me to show you?
Oh yeah! Absolutely! I can show you some of the things I know how to do, too.
I try to strike a balance between traditional and modern. Do you think I'm getting it right?
Without a doubt! I can tell how dedicated you are. It's remarkable!
- R -
Remember when I told you what I like to do for fun?
How could I forget? I love watching you dance!
- S -
Say... Would you like to break some rules with me?
I'm all yours, baby!
Since you just had to ask me, I wonder if you remember: how big are my breasts?
They're DD cups, of course!
Since you were so direct and asked me if I like to masturbate, why don't you remind me?
You love to finger yourself before you dance.
- T -
Tell me, what did you feel when you saw me belly dancing fo the first time?
I was seduced and hypnotized. I can't stop thinking about you!
- W -
Well, do you remember my favorite color?
Of course, it's purple! Mysterious, just like you!
Well, do you remember my favorite feature?
If would be impossible to forget how proud you are of your sense of style - which is sensational, I should mention!
Well? Do you want to come to my birthday party? Please tell me you remember what month it's in!
Absolutely, baby! It's in December!
What do you prefer, Breasts or butts?
Breasts, definitely! Especially when I look at you!
What do you think a princess's room is like?
Yours must be full of delicious secrets.
What do you think about anal sex?
I love to tease a girl's asshole, and when things are really hot, sometimes fuck her in the ass too!
What do you think about the way I groom my pubic hair?
Oh, I love it! Keeping it trimmed short matches your style perfectly!
What do you think about women who belly dance?
I think they're more seductive and they really know what they want.
What do you think is the sexiest thing about me?
Your whole style is so sexy! I've never met anyone like you before.
What do you think of my haute counture outfits?
They're gorgeous! You have such good taste!
What do you think of my style?
You're so amazing! You always look so gorgeous!
What kind of things excite you the most?
A woman who's stylish and who knows how to seduce me.
What would you like me to do while I dance for you?
You're already perfect when you dance, but I'd like you to never stop hypnotizing me with those deep eyes of yours.
What's the most interesting place you can think of where you'd like to have sex?
How about in the middle of a fashion runway?
What's your favorite position?
Any position where me and my girl can have the time of our lives.
What's your favorite way to be seduced?
What do you mean? I'm not the one who should tell you that, if you're trying to seduce me!
Would you like a private dance?
Wow... I've been dreaming about this!
- Y -
You remember what I told you about anal sex, right?
Of course, absolutely! You like it, when it's with the right person and at the right time.