- A -
Are you ready to find out which of us is more experienced?
It's going to be amazing to experience this with you!
- D -
Do you ever play with yourself?
When I think about you, I get the urge to masturbate every time.
Do you know when I celebrate my birthday?
Of course, absolutely. It's in March.
Do you like my perfume?
Yes, gorgeous! It makes me completely enthralled.
Do you remember how tall I am with these new human legs?
You're a sensational 6'1" tall witch.
Do you remember my favorite type of lover?
Yes, of course. You like drowning sailors and keeping them in your place as pets.
Do you remember that conversation we had about anal?
Yes, you're a virgin when it comes to anal, but you want to try it.
Do you remember what I like to do for fun back home?
You lure sailors down into the depth, right? I confess this makes you even more hypnotizing.
Do you remember what I told you about masturbation?
Yes, ever since you've gotten these human legs, you can't help but masturbate every day.
Do you think I look seductive?
Seductive? You look absolutely mind-blowing!
Do you think my legs are nicer than Andriella's?
Your legs are simply breathtaking! I've never seen a hotter pair.
Do you think you know how to give a girl pleasure?
Oh yeah, I'm the best at it! You should try me.
Do you want to play with magic?
Yes, well, I think you've already cast a spell on me.
- H -
Have you ever dated two girls at the same time?
It's hard enought to date one girl, let alone two!
Have you ever dreamed about me?
Yes, ever since Andriella mentioned you, I haven't stopped dreaming about you!
Hey, do you remember my favorite season of the year?
Of course, my lady! It's summer, the most delicious season!
How can I know you'll treat me the way I deserve?
By making all your deepest dreams come true.
How do you like to be touched?
I like touching and being touched in so many ways. We could discover which one is our favorite. How about it?
How do you prefer women down there?
Let me take another look at yours so I know how to answer.
How many people have you slept with?
To be honest, I don't know the exact number.
- I -
I bet you remember this one: what's my pubic hair like?
You have a tiny patch of scales.
If you had one day left to live, what would you want to do?
I'd like to spend it with a certain deep sea witch, of course!
If you realized that someone was watching you have sex, would you stop or would you keep going?
I'd ask them to join us! Wouldn't you?
If you wanted to make me happy, what would you tell me?
I woud definitely talk about how beautiful and unique your hair tentacles are.
I'm sure you remember what I told you about my age, right?
Yes, you're a 500-year old witch.
- T -
Tell me, gorgeous, do you remember my breast size?
How could I forget? They're DDs, the perfect size.
- W -
Well, tell me: do you remember what my favorite color is?
Of course, it's purple, like your underwater castle.
What do you need to happen for your orgasm to be absolutely mind-blowing?
Why don't we jump in bed and I can show you exactly what I like?
What do you think of my hair?
It's gorgeous! It suits you very well.
What do you want to do with me right now?
I want to fulfill all your fantasies. How do you want to start?
What is your favorite part of my body?
Your hot, tight, wet pussy, of course!
What was your first impression of me?
I knew I had finally met the perfect woman.
What's your personal record for the number of times youve had sex in one night?
I lost track after half a dozen, but I'm eager to break that record with you.
What's your favorite sexual position?
I like finding out when I'm with a girl. Whatever way makes her cum the most.
Where was the craziest place you ever had sex?
At the bottom of the ocean! Oh wait, that's where I want to have sex...
Would you ever have an orgy?
As long as you're in it with me, it would be spectacular.
Would you like to be tied up?
Sounds sexy! Was that a suggestion?